Process This Episode 25: Chemical Disinfection Challenges and Choices, Part 1

This special edition podcast not only has us celebrating Sterile Processing (SP) Week, but also the one-year anniversary of our Process This podcast series. Guest speaker Peggy Spitzer joins us from Certol International to discuss all aspects of chemical disinfection and its role in infection control and prevention. Enzymatic solutions and detergent effectiveness are discussed, along with the critical need for experienced SP technicians to manage the process. She also addresses chemical selection and IFU references regarding disinfection.

Host Jon Wood’s What’s on My Mind? portion pays tribute to all SP professionals during Sterile Processing Week and beyond. He discusses the shifting duties of today’s SP technicians and all the challenges brought by 2020 that SP professionals so effectively managed. The Mailbox Mania segment reviews a Healthcare Purchasing News article on SPD Makeovers, and provides an interesting take on IFU database updates, smart reprocessing automation and standardization, and enhanced visualization in Sterile Processing.

This podcast episode has reached its 2 year mark and no longer available to receive CE credit.