PROCESS THIS! A new podcast by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA)

All of life is a process. From the daily activities of creating and doing that feed your soul to systematically solving problems and making improvements. These things often require layers of skilled processes that build on each other to create a tangible outcome. And that is the essence of sterile processing… layers upon layers of skilled processes.

In this podcast, aimed at sterile processing professionals, host, Jon Wood will feature in-depth interviews with industry professionals and experts whose messages will focus on specific processes that move listeners in their departments and within the profession. We will give an in-depth look at the physical and mental processes that stand as the essential base. Processes that are orchestrated by dedicated professionals to keep everything in forward motion toward positive patient outcomes.

We’re excited to bring you even more information to enrich your professional lives – and in a format that is easily accessible to the busy Sterile Processing professional. PROCESS THIS! episodes can be accessed from the HSPA website, the HSPA App and streamed on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

Welcome to PROCESS THIS!


Jon Wood currently serves as a Clinical Education Specialist with HSPA and contributes to the development of all HSPA educational offerings. Prior to this role, Wood was in a leadership position with University of Colorado Health System where he served as a Regulatory and Quality Improvement Specialist in High-level Disinfection and Sterilization for more than 70 ambulatory clinics in the Denver Metro area. Wood has also served as surgical technologist and Manager of Sterile Processing in several different hospitals throughout his career. Additionally, he served as a US Naval Corpsman and Surgical Technologist.


The Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA) is the premier association representing healthcare Central Service (CS) professionals worldwide. Because CS professionals are responsible for cleaning, decontaminating, sterilizing, and distributing medical and surgical instrumentation, they are among the most vital contributors to the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care. For more than 60 years, HSPA has been providing these professionals with the broadest range of certification and continuing education offerings available, along with the unsurpassed support that only a full-service membership organization can bring.

This commitment to advancing CS knowledge, skill sets and professionalism is why over 31,000 members and certificants rely on HSPA to keep them sharp, focused and abreast of the very latest standards, best practices and technological advancements impacting the profession.