Make SPD Bully Free

Process This Episode #20, Make SPD Bully Free, features an interview with Natalie Lind, IAHCSMM Education Director, speaking about the most requested program topic; bullying in the Sterile Processing workplace. Bullying is stressful on multiple levels and can even have an impact on patient healthcare. Natalie also covers what steps to take if bullying happens to you in your department or if you witness bullying directed towards others. Behavioral expectations, emotional support and bullying prevention are also discussed.


In Mailbox Mania Jon shares and discusses American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC publication) articles including “Washer disinfector and alkaline detergent efficacy against C. difficile” on plastic bedpans including the red flags of reusing this disposable product. Also, Jon covers the article, “Pseudo-outbreak of Mycobacterium fortuitum in a hospital bronchoscopy unit” tracing back the outbreak to its source; emphasizing the importance of water quality.


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